The Music and Writings of Beard Bates

//44 Deus Ex Machina is an Abstractal (a digital animated work with analog-modular synth score) created and composed by multi-dimensional artist Beard Bates in 2021. This work was designed to function as both a large scale installation and seamless digital wall art for the office or living room of the future. The animated visuals are an abstract rendering of individual static forms, which by way of appearing electrified work in concert with each other to represent the pervasive spirit, or latent life force (“the ghost”) that is here evident in raw inanimate shapes and electricity. The dramatic ambient score accompanies the progression of birthing, living and expiration – via a cyclical return to a beginning – that is portrayed by the visuals. A cryptic metaphor for mortal life, the work moves through the rise and fall of an individual’s experience of existence, symbolically making the case that “All is Life”…even ephemeral shapes inside a screen, the children of electricity and coding, experience life and are part of the miraculous program in which we find ourselves.

Owners will have unlocked access to the High Quality MP4.

This is a limited edition 1/10. Available at OPENSEA – here

Whitey On The Moon – Premiered 7.22.21 at POPWRAPPED – link

Bovine Divine – Premiered 10.18.19 at VENTS MAGAZINE – link

The World is Blown – Premiered 12.4.18

Joyous Season – Premiered 10.4.18 at BuzzbandsLA – link

Dominoes in Fire – Premiered 9.7.18 at Lemonade Magazine – link

The Netherworld of Love – Premiered 8.17.18

Weasel Sleeping – Premiered via Rock Cellar Magazine 8.3.18 – link

Lions Sheep Birds – Premiered via Glide Magazine 6.6.18 – Link